ISSUE NO. 12 // SUMMER // JUNE 2024


Welcome to On The Bit Magazine!

Letter from the editor:

On The Bit is a special project that I started to bring more positivity to the equestrian world. So many times in life, it's easy to forget why we begin riding in the first place when troubles and frustrations of every day life get us down. Each article inside, whether silly or educational, has a positive vibe to make you smile! The ultimate goal of this magazine is to make being an equestrian fun and remind us of the dreamers we started out as.

Whether you were a little one that grew up without horses but dreamed of the day you would be able to ride (like me), the one that dreamed of roping your first calf at the rodeo, or the beginner adult that is just starting their journey with riding, this magazine is for you! Each article is written by your peers. We all have our riding heroes that we aspire to become, but at OTB, we're here to celebrate the every day hero: you!

I am so very excited to get this project off the ground! There are always new things to learn about horses. Inside the issues, you'll find spotlights on small equestrian businesses that you may not have heard of before as well as fun things to do with your horse, treat recipes, ways to improve your riding and other fun and educational articles written by fellow equestrians. As this is driven by readers like you, feel free to reach out with things that you would love to see in an issue or something that you would like to learn more about! Reach out at

See you between the pages!

Love, Misty

Tino and Misty